Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kita Juara!!! Tahniah Harimau Muda!!!

Tahniah Harimau Muda!!! Kita berjaya mengekalkan pingat emas bagi bolasepak (Ibu segala pingat) di Kejohanan Sukan Sea. Paling manis kita jadi juara di padang asing yg dikelilingi oleh musuh2 dengan sorakan kecil dr Fan M'sia di sana.

Namun, siapa sangka kita di tanahair tidak putus2 berdoa, bersorak di semua arena, di liputan live kedai mamak, Sri Pentas, Dataran2, FB, twitter etc yg mana kuasa Allah swt adalah penawar yg paling mujarab mengatasi segalanya.

Sedikit kecewa kerana tidak dapat mengikuti Live td kerana berkursus namun, saat masa tambahan n penalti tidak mungkin dilepaskan n sama-sama share the happiness dgn kawan2 via FB.

Tahniah Pasukan Harimau Muda especially our goal keeper, Khairul Fahmi, Captain Baddrol Bakhtiar n rakan2 yg lain serta Coach Ong Kim Swee from day 1 atas menegakkan maruah negara di bumi asing. Malaysia menang dgn sepakan penalti after seri with 1-1 against Indonesia pada minit pertama dan kedua. Bravoo Malaysia n Rakyatnya!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kursus @ Seri Cempaka Hotel di Menara PGRM

Ada kursus 4days 3nites here on "Leading Change". Tak plan to have a course but go on jugak since days of courses to attend not enough yet. Walaupun tempat kursus di corok KL yg bz n jamm but have to come gak rather than being in d office yg agak kusut skang (My big boss x gamm dgn my 2nd boss so middle worker like me jd mangsa aka posmen for them to communicate) **hahaha will story u all later k (ada ke yg membaca nih)**

I tak tau samada tempat ni mmg asal2 hotel or being converted from office to hotel. Old building with new furnish n looks. So far ok, just that I xbiasa berjauhan with my little family. Besaq kemungkinan will going back home tonite n will coming back here tomorrow morning. Sanggup tuh!!!

Ok lah till then... nak share few pictures for your reference if nak kat sini or being assigned here later.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Work Hard/Work Smart?

"If you want to have a better life tomorrow, you must work hard for it starts today"

As for me, I think its not too early to remind our kids about the fact. I learnt from hard time. Not coming from a rich family has thought me to strive for life. Didn't have natural gift to be smart but has to work hard to become one. Since couldn't understand certain theory made me to memorize it and its not that easy, tell you! But its the only way for a regular person like me.

Its been almost a year my kiddos being in school.

My eldest, she has the potential but the school' environment/fundamental ruined it. She was so passion in everything that being thought in school during her kinder but now she's just losing it. Going to school is a must by the parents n a lot of conflicts need to tackle make her loose interest about school. Where went wrong? But I'm happy that she can read fluently in Bahasa n English. Her interest on books really amazed me. Good job girl!

While my youngest. She's happy with the school but can't catch up with others that already advance from her since they were not being separated. Everyone in the same class n I'm quite puzzle on kind of method that the teacher used in teaching diff level of students in one class. They shud be separated n approached differently in order to cater their level of knowledge n skills. Pity la my gurl but I'm happy that she still want to go to school, only the method used by the kinder that I worry so much. Now, I just can't make decision either to continue with the kinder or not. She luv her kinder n refused to go to sumwhere else. Aarrrgggh...

Hubby said I've been too harsh n high expect on them. Agreed! But we don't have time to wait. We need to polish their skills so that they will not loosing it. If we being too easy, might they will just take advantage on it and care less about school. Kids nowadays are very smart. At least their development falls at par same as their age group, is still acceptable. If advance, its a bonus from Allah swt. If below, starts to worry n together look for better solution. If we just 'wait n see', for sure we can't buy the time to turn it back again. Act now but HOW is very challenging. Pray hard hoping that Allah swt will guide n lead me to right way in handling the situation, Amin.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Report Card Day :B

Will story u all later about it...stay tune!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

GOLF - Golongan Orang Lupa Family?

Not agreed with this coz u can bring your family when there's any golf tournament coz I n my kid really enjoy it...heheheheh free umbrella n good viewwww. Few pictures during CIMB Classic Golf Asia Tour @ Mines Golf Resort.

Hubby n Syasya with Danny Chia

Camilo Villages (betul kut ejaannya)

Dont know his name but hubby said Ricky Fowler' bestfren..

The Umbrella Gurl...

Yang bestnyer...hubby win the CIMB' contest n entitled him with 2 free season pass which costs RM430 each.... rezeki dari Allah swt. Ramai gak famous golfer that came for the tour but the youngster golfer like Ricky Fowler/Rory Mcilroy didnt come....so a bit frust gak. Anyway we enjoyed being there n watching each golfer trained n swing. Sangat sharp n superb lah.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Testing from BB

Craving for this n gonna visit this place on weekend....come together now "Damansara Uptown"

Puss in Boots....comeiiiii sgt-sgt!!

Puss in Boots

Comel kann? Gonna bring my kiddos to watch this movie...heheheheh! Later gonna write review about this movie....so stay tuneeeee everrrryybodyyy!