Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson aka Mikael is gone forever

I dont know why i need to write about this sad news after a long pause from me in this blog....Maybe i would miss his latest move during any live concert or maybe i won't see him appear controversially in any events...or maybe i would miss him as an entertainer....might others would hate him becoz of his strange image/behaviour towards kids....but as for me....he just unreplaceble same as our beloved one can replace him even Usher can make the same move like him but it's just different... same like Arwah Nasir P.Ramlee tried to do before...Bujang Lapuk Kembali Da (if i'm not mistaken la)'s just not the same!
Might others will laugh at me....becoz i'm so called his fan but i never buy his records/cd or attend any concert of him....but i'm just his PLAIN FAN that love to see him more on tele. Thanx to youtube but i will try to search more on his' live concert n it would be the very best gift for my birthday.
MJ....i'm gonna miss u as much as your fan do....and if u were a Muslim...may Allah bless u n forgive u.
Copied from my FB:
Jue Lie at 10:55am June 26
**sobs** 'I just can't stop loving u...and if i stopp...then tell me just what will i do...I just can't stop loving uuu..' **sobs**

Jue Lie at 10:57am June 26
'I wanna make a's gonna feel real good...just believe yourself...u know it...u got to stop that change)...i gotta make that (man in the mirror)...u got...u believe yourself that change).i gonna be that man..that man...stnad up..stand up..woo..auuww'

Jue Lie at 5:24pm June 26
'U r not alone...i am here with u...though u far a way...i am here to stay...u r not alone...i am here with u...though u far a part...u r always in my heart'
From your Die-Hard-Fan;