One plus 30...uhuhuhuk!

"Happy birthday to me....happy birthday to me..."

First day of becoming 31...someone very special to my life surprised me with one big shopping bag with birthday cards in it (1 from him n another one from my girls) at the door n without any hesitation i change my current hand bag with the new one (walaupun gue dah terlambat nak pi kerja)......tq Darling!!! n walaupun lambat sudah....sempat ku berlari naik tangga to give him a special kiss n hug... I LOVE U SO MUCH TOO!!!
I read those 2 lovely cards when i reached ofis n tears still running out while typing...the words n effort of mengunting n melekat gambo kenangan kami n anak2 menyedarkan aku bahawa hidup ini sudah cukup sempurna dengan dikelilingi orang tersayang.

Apa yang perlu i buat sekarang is to Cherish Every Moment With Them. I love u more n more huney n to my lovely daughter Syasya n Jaja...mama will always sayang n protect both of u dari dunia yg makin menganaz ini...
N tak lupa to my SIL or rather be my big sistah....kak long....tq so much for your thought n advice....we always luv n be with u no matter what k.

TQ all!!!


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